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“Do you ever look at a wall or door and think “Gosh! How awesome would that look with my face printed on it?!”

NO? Neither do we BUT we have an exciting, unique machine that can do just that! He’s large and he’s local and we keep him in the Print Shed. Our “Beastly Gem” is basically a large wide format UV cured printer that will paint directly onto flat hard surfaces like glass, aluminium, acrylics, mdf etc. In addition, he also prints a varnish which can create a “frosted” patterned look on glass or acrylic (great for partitions in offices or business’) and he also has UV qualities (faster drying time and sunlight suitable!) Our Gem can also create 3D textures too! Imagine creating a brick wall effect on a flat surface- THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!

Forget paper, latex, corflute- the obvious mediums. What sort of mediums would you DREAM to print on? Maybe you shot an idea down because of things like turn-around, outsourcing or maybe it was too outside the square? Our Gem could make it possible and you could end up being lengths ahead of the competition promoting and visually enhancing your business or customers.

So, what is the Co Jet?
• The Co Jet is a large digital wide format printer
• Prints in CMYK, white and translucent durable UV Cured Inks
• Wide format printing up to 3600mm x 1800mm (up to 100mm in depth)

• Print Resolution 720x 720 dpi & 1440 x 720 dpi
• Frost and glass effects on glass/perspex and reverse printing
• 3D texture printing giving you the ability to feel the image

And, what can he print on?
• Craftwood
• Glass
• Melamine
• Acrylics/perspex
• Alupanel
• Corflute
• Tiles
• Doors
• Mirrors

If you have an idea, just ask!

What can he offer you?
• Same day service and faster turnaround*
• Graphics software to make your ideas come to life
• Access to cutting machinery for specific needs
• An avenue to step outside the box in regards to promoting your business
• Competitive pricing
*preperation, product & image suitability applies






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